Andy, The Wildlife Trapper

Live Animal Trapping, Dead Animal Removals,
Attic and Crawlspace Clean Outs
Serving Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria, Montecito, Summerland, and Ojai
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Andy, the Wildlife Trapper

I am a wildlife trapper who specializes in the removal of skunks, raccoons, opossums, ground squirrel, woodpile rats, and cottontails. I use only humane havahart traps. I am licensed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife to trap in Santa Barbara County. I trap seven days a week in order to ensure that you get the most efficient service possible.

Services include:

  • Live Animal Trapping and Removal
  • Attic and Crawlspace Clean Outs
  • Dead Animal Removals

For a free inspection, call me at 805-794-9289.


Be careful of Pest Control Companies offering "you check" trapping services...

I am the only licensed and insured wildlife trapper in Santa Barbara County offering:

  • 7 day per week trap checking as required by The Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • No use of poisons
  • Free expert advise. Call anytime with your wildlife questions and concerns.
  • Rattle snake and exotic animal removal
  • Dead animal removals, attic and crawlspace clean outs

Minimum trap set includes full service of traps, seven days a week!

Dedicated, personal services!


Live Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Do you have wild animals destroying your property or endangering your pets and children? Then call me, Andy, the wildlife trapper. I am a wildlife trapper licensed by the Department of Fish and Game. I only use humane havahart traps to trap and then remove animals from private property. Call today to get a free inspection and we'll work together to solve your wildlife problem.

Andy, 805-794-9289





Attic and Crawlspace Cleanouts and Decontamination

Many times, wildlife decide to make their homes in your attic, under decks, or in the crawlspaces beneath your house. These unwanted guests leave urine, feces, and dead carcasses around. Wild animals may also damage your property by tearing out insulation and damaging walls in the process of making their homes comfy.

Cleaning up the mess is an unsanitary and very disgusting job. I have extensive experience cleaning then decontaminating sites of animal habitation. Call today for a free estimate.

Andy, 805-794-9289




Dead Animal Removals

Many times, animals that make a home on your property will die in unreachable places. The only clue that wildlife has decided to make your wall, your crawlspace, or your attic their final resting place may be the smell.

If you smell something dead and don't know where it's coming from, call me today and I'll come out to find and remove it for you.

Andy, 805-794-9289



Exotic Animal Trapping and Removal

What do you do when you have a four foot iguana living in your wall? This may seem like a far-fetched situation, but when pets get free of their owners, you'd be surprised where they end up.

If you have a strange wild animal or someone else's pet living on your private property, call me and we'll get it removed.

Andy, 805-794-9289














Woodpile Rat Live Capture and Nest Removal

Woodpile rats are native to California, including the Santa Barbara area. They grow much larger than their cousins, the common roof rat. They prefer to make large stick houses than can reach up to 5 feet high in trees, bushes, and shrubs.

I offer a free property inspection (they can be hard to spot), live trapping programs with havahart traps using no poisons, and removal of all nesting materials.

Andy, 805-794-9289